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Learning is like breathing.


Our children come to earth already knowing how to do it. It comes easily, naturally, intuitively. Our job as parents is to support and encourage and nurture what God has already planted within our children.


I believe the best learning is organic – springing forth from natural inclinations and enthusiasm, blossoming unhampered by outside expectations and criteria. Organic learning sprouts from interest, and from within.

When we learn to work with our children’s natural desires to learn, learning retains its charm, and our children can hold on to that childlike quality of feeling like learning something new is thrilling. 


This is my vision of homeschool for my children:


To learn the way nature intended – reading from books, having discussions, coloring and painting and creating and absorbing information in a simple way that brings joy and helps them thrive. I want slow, simple days full of meaning. I want to focus on subjects that shape us and teach us about ourselves. I want more time reading, more time spent in nature, more time creating art, more time spent learning about God.


With Idlewild, I want to bring you into that vision.


My mission with this company is two-fold:


I want your child to have a beautiful, self-actualizing homeschool experience, just like I want for my children. And I want you as the parent to step into your power and come into your own through that experience.


I want to teach you while you teach them.


With the intent of creating a holistic learning environment, my courses were written and designed to provide a beautiful learning experience for your child while simultaneously teaching you how simple homeschooling can be. As you teach your child, I will teach you how to lead your homeschool. It is in practice, in the actual doing of something, that we often find our stride, and as you work through my courses you will discover a simple, effective way to promote organic learning in your home. 


You can do this – you and your child. And it can be a beautiful, life-shaping experience for you both.


Just take a breath.


And begin.

All my love,


The Word Studies

34-week Biblical add-on

for The Organic Studies

The Advent Studies

3-week Biblical Christmas guide

The Organic Studies

34-week nature and literature-based curriculum

The Whimsy Studies

26-week early learning nature-based curriculum

The Art Studies

19-week beginning art course

The Seed Studies

26-week Biblical add-on

for The Whimsy Studies

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