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The Seed Studies

“Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.


Luke 8:11 KJV

Seeds are a miracle. Often small, they are nevertheless strong, and contain all that is needed for a plant to grow to its full potential. Stored within every tiny seed is new life and growth and wonder.


The Word of God is the most precious and powerful of all seeds, and when planted and watered within us, can grow into deeply rooted testimony and faith. We want your children to have seeds sown within them that will grow and sustain them throughout life’s challenges, and help them keep their eyes focused on Jesus Christ.


The Seed Studies was created to help you begin planting these profound, life-giving seeds of truth. As you work through the lessons together, your child will have their eyes opened to the beautiful truth that God is in the details, and that all we learn and experience can point our minds and hearts to Him.


Providing Connection


One of the best ways to help children learn is to create connections for them. When learning connects to what we already understand, what is learned is lasting. The Seed Studies uses the gentle nature-based topics covered in The Whimsy Studies to help connect your child’s understanding to God. Learning that sunflowers always follow the sun that gives them life can point our minds to the truth that following Jesus Christ, the Light of the World, will help us during our journey here on earth. Learning about trees deepens our understanding of what Jesus meant when He said, "I am the vine, ye are the branches." As your child learns about the world around them in The Whimsy Studies, The Seed Studies will help connect what is learned with the truths of Jesus Christ.



Learning and Doing


As they grow, plants must strengthen themselves to withstand the elements. Trunks and stalks have to be fortified, or plants and trees will fall. The Seed Studies was written to provide opportunities for you and your child to not only learn together, but to find strength by acting on what you have learned. In this course, you will be prompted to pray together and get in the scriptures to look for truth. You and your child will also be encouraged to act on the words of Jesus Christ by taking an honest look at your own behavior, learning to repent, trying to change, and seeking to love and serve others better. Jesus Christ needs disciples that not only listen, but try to follow in His footsteps. This course seeks to provide your child with the opportunity to act in faith on the teachings of Jesus Christ and learn for themselves that what is taught is true.



Slow and Steady Growth


Seeds need to be nurtured, and The Seed Studies was written to provide that nurturing. Each topic is covered for a week, while each lesson in that week slowly builds on the week’s topic. The topics and truths that are covered circle back around to one another so that a larger, more comprehensive understanding is created over time. We want to help you plant the seed of the Word and simultaneously support and care for that precious seed as it grows.

Created for Everyone


Written as a Bible-study add-on, The Seed Studies is designed to work seamlessly with our early learning curriculum The Whimsy Studies. Used hand-in-hand, these courses create a God-centered learning experience by using what is studied in The Whimsy Studies to lay the foundation for deep gospel learning.


Although it works alongside The Whimsy Studies, The Seed Studies can provide a standalone Bible study course for anyone seeking to help their child grow deep spiritual roots. There are occasional references to what is learned in The Whimsy Studies, but if you are comfortable passing over those brief references, The Seed Studies can become a course used by any family. If you need help streamlining spiritual learning in your home, regardless of whether or not you are using The Whimsy Studies or even homeschooling, The Seed Studies can be a powerful resource for you.


The Seed Studies was written for children ages 4* and up. But because God’s truths are universal, this course was written to strike the balance between being accessible to young children while also containing enough depth to provide inspiring learning at any age. Feel free to use this course with older children as well!


*Children are all unique. Although these lessons were written for children 4 and up, the level of comprehension that each four-year-old is at varies widely. If you are unsure in any way about whether or not your child is ready for The Seed Studies, please use the sample weeks provided to do a few lessons together before committing to purchase. 


Written to Strengthen You Too


Spiritual learning in the home should be life-giving. You will struggle to lead in the home if you feel spiritually depleted. Our hope is that this course will strengthen and lift parents as they use it. One beautiful aspect of Jesus Christ’s teachings is their ability to teach and touch all people at any age. We hope that this course doesn’t just teach truth and deepen your child’s understanding, but that it will edify and strengthen you as well.

Course Details

The Seed Studies is a Biblical study course for children ages 4 and up. This course uses gentle nature-based truths to connect what your child sees in the world to the God that created it all. Written for younger children, The Seed Studies also seeks to provide foundational understanding of God’s basic principles of love, service, obedience, gratitude, repentance, faith, and trust in God. This 26-week Bible study add-on was created to work harmoniously with our full early-learning curriculum The Whimsy Studies, and to help parents begin connecting their children’s learning with Jesus Christ’s doctrines.


This course provides four easy-to-follow lessons each week that are based on scripture verses or basic guiding principles. Since your nature-based learning will provide the foundation for your Biblical study, these lessons are designed to be done after your Whimsy Studies work for that day. Each lesson of The Seed Studies is meant to be led by a parent or caregiver so that your child can be gently guided in understanding truth. Lessons vary in length from 5-15 minutes, depending on the length of your discussion.


Because we want you to feel confident that The Seed Studies will be a good fit for your family, we have provided 2 sample weeks for you to peruse!

Weeks 1 & 2 of The Seed Studies

The Seed Studies is an add-on to our nature-based curriculum The Whimsy Studies. Click here to learn more and see how The Seed Studies' sample weeks work with The Whimsy Studies' nature topics.

What is included in your digital download of The Seed Studies:


  • Parent guide


  • 26 weeks of lessons (sent to your email as a PDF)

  • Daily lesson plans based on scripture  (Monday - Thursday)

The Seed Studies is a digital download product. You will not receive a physical product, but can print your curriculum files as desired.

Because of the nature of this product, no refunds will be issued. All sales are final.


For more information about the printing company we partner with, please visit our Printing page.

If you intend to use The Seed Studies with a group, you will need to purchase a group license below. 

The Seed Studies is a digital download product. You will not receive a physical product, but can print your curriculum files as desired.

Because of the nature of this product, no refunds will be issued. All sales are final.


For more information about the printing company we partner with, please visit our Printing page.

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