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Our Story

It all began the first year I started homeschooling my girls. I felt so out of my depth, and I couldn't find a curriculum that fit what I wanted. I was overwhelmed and confused - how would I know what would work best for us? Finally in my frustration I stopped combing the internet for the perfect curriculum, and went to the library instead. If I couldn't find what I wanted, I would create it. 

The Organic Studies was born out of that first school year. As I planned and prepped, it began to feel less like I was creating a curriculum, and more like something beautiful and important was sprouting and growing from our life.

This is that beautiful, important something. It is filled with so many things: laughter and love, trial and error, dappled California sunshine and countless nature walks, snail slime and wisteria seeds and ferny shadows and patience and growth and so many pieces of my heart. And I hope it brings you as much joy in the discovering as I had in the creating.



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